The Law Office of

Bryan E. Pieper


In addition to representing one party or another in a dispute, Bryan has vast experience serving as a third-party neutral in someone else's dispute. For several years, Bryan served as an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), presiding over disputes between Nashville Electric Service and its employees. For several years after that, he provided the same service as a Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) Outside Review Officer, presiding over disputes between MNPS and its employees.

Today, companies hire Bryan to conduct internal investigations when they must get to the bottom of a business or workplace problem in a thorough and neutral manner. Both sides to a dispute hire Bryan to help them resolve a dispute as a Civil Mediator. His experience representing plaintiffs, defendants and serving as a third-party neutral enables Bryan to understand both sides and to know where the pressure points are, what follow-up questions to ask, and how to drill down into a dispute to get to the real issues. 

Bryan is a member of the Tennessee Association of Professional Mediators, the Tennessee Bar Association Dispute Resolution Section, and the Nashville Bar Association Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee.

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