The Law Office of

Bryan E. Pieper


Bryan has handled complex business disputes that stretched across the United States and even internationally.  His commercial litigation experience is broad, including matters such as corporate officer and director liability, fraud, theft of trade secrets, breach of contract, trademark infringement and antitrust violations. He is comfortable in state or federal court, as well as before non-governmental and governmental agencies such as the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc.(FINRA) and the Tennessee Ethics Commission

As much as he loves a good fight, Bryan's favorite battle is the one that never happened, because he helped prevent it through planning, proactive advice, and quick action when an issue is detected.  Bryan does not get so fixated on the legal process that he loses sight of the big picture goal.  He knows that the legal process is a huge distraction from the client's business or the client's life.  The best legal services are those that enable the client to stay focused on those things or get back to them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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